Pepper Farm Phu Quoc is a cool place for you to enjoy the fresh air and experience the agricultural life on the island.
At Pepper Farm, we offer you all to choose some services, such as: farm tour, doing farming or cooking class. Our bungalows are arranged in private site with a diversity of flowers, fruit trees and pepper garden…, suitable for guests who prefer peaceful and rustic atmosphere.

What is Natural Farm?

We don’t use chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides for all plants and trees, so do you know how can we grow and protect our trees and plants?
Here are these helpfull ants, they will help us to eat worms and other insects. We can also break the branch of the tree and then move the ant’s house to other tree or plant where the tree has worms are destroing.

Some Animal

Some small chickens to produce eggs for us, but they often hide their eggs to give birth to chicks.
Geese often make loud noises when meeting strangers or when hungry and they also produce good quality eggs.
Dogs are only friendly with tourists and always make noise with local people when they come to the farm.
Funny ducks often laugh loudly when they are hungry.