Do you know ? how to make Black pepper (tieu Coi), Red pepper (tieu Chin) and White pepper (tieu So) ? They are actually on the same plant and the same pepper cluster, but they have different flavors.

When harvesting pepper, depending on each different farm, we will have different harvesting methods.
For our farm:  usually about 30% -50% pepper corn is ripe (they have red color) and (70% – 50%) pepper corn is still green (unripe). After that, we will separate green corn and red corn and then dry them.

After drying all kinds of pepper and then we will clean it in water, any pepper that sinks in water is good quality pepper, empty pepper that floats is poor quality pepper. the poor quality pepper will be returned to the garden or make natural pesticide.
After that drying pepper again, we must use a sieve to sift the pepper, any small pepper will fall out and we will grind them to make pepper salt.

Biggest peppers will be packaged and sold only at our small shop here.

Pepper Product 01

Green pepper, after drying is black, name: Black pepper (tieu Coi)

About 70% of   harvested pepper will become to black pepper (tiêu Cội).
You can use black pepper on red meat, white meat and vegetables, before or after cooking all good.

Price: $

Pepper Product 02

Red pepper (red color), after drying  is also black, but has the name: Red pepper (because it is English name), the local name is ripe pepper. The ripe pepper has sweet smell, spicy taste, warm, contains a lot of vitamins and essential oils. Helps better digestion.

We should use white pepper on red meat and after cooking.

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Pepper Product 03